Have a product in development and you need to maintain your reputation, quality and stay on top of test process with moving parts?

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TITAN Test Lifecycle Management is the only tool you need to manage the entire end-to-end Test Process. No more having to use dozens of different spreadsheets and incident tracking tools, TITAN replaces them all, keeping everything in sync in one secure environment. Every input made by each user is tracked and adds to the full story of the test from its initial concept to final completion and remains readily available as historical records. All this valuable information is right there in the same place and easily accessed.

01 | Process Standardization

There are several ways in which TITAN can help you to standardize processes, eliminate inefficiency, increase quality, reduce reliance on tribal knowledge.

Four keyways TITAN help you standardize your testing activities are:

Test Catalog: With TITAN, you can easily create test procedures and define the process as checklists. The checklists can be structured for instructing users on how to run a test or for data collection and specifying mandatory photographs to be taken before, during and after the test execution.

Report Automation: With TITAN, you can with the click of a button generate a report reusing the information and uploaded data files in your enterprise’s report format. Reports can be automated to include information like test plan details, test article details, test images, observations, counter measures and incidents.

Workflow Automation: With TITAN, you can easily the define the steps that a test, work orders, issues must follow. This ensures that work is being done consistently and predictably.

Recurring Tasks: With TITAN, you can quickly create recurring work orders and preventive maintenance jobs and schedule them to run at whatever interval they need to occur, assisting in the maintenance of your assets and providing your team with clear idea of what to do next and know-how to do it.

02 | Resource Optimization

TITAN provides user friendly and powerful scheduling features for optimizing resource utilization of test facilities, prototype vehicles, test articles, equipment, and personnel.

TITAN displays the lists of available test facility, Users, Vehicle, and equipment availability this helps you to have a glance at the available resources in hand during test creation.

Should you have a sudden change in test facility, technicians or equipment, TITAN can handle such unplanned changes and send out updates to all its associated teammates. Additionally, you may also Add/ Remove the number of days from a test. TITAN can also help you split the test between multiple facilities, provide downtime notification, view scheduled maintenance, view upcoming calibrations, and view any conflict notification between tests.

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03 | Collaboration

Since TITAN always comes with a user-centric approach, team collaboration is a no challenge for the entire organization. TITAN helps eliminate information silos by organizing testing activities in one place and ensures everyone is on the same page.

TITAN ensures that you receive test schedules and other notifications. Makes it possible to share files and attachments, help you share your feedback and comments. You can also prioritize your work that are most important or time intensive.

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04 | Simplified Data Management

TITAN helps organize test data and simplifies the process of storing, locating, tracking and using the data collected. Reduces time-consuming manual tasks of maintaining notebooks or excel. TITAN maintains records to provide valuable insights, accuracy and assists in managing workload across projects. The well-organized data management also creates a platform for speedy report generation.

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