Manage all your lab's tools and equipment in one place.

Stop using spreadsheets to manage your essential tools and equipment. With Titan, you can easily track, maintain, and use your valuable assets. This helps your team stay organized, keeps your tools working well, and reduces downtime.

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Benefits of using Titan for Equipment management

Efficiency and Organization

Easy Tracking:

Stop using spreadsheets. Titan lets you keep track of all your tools and equipment in one place, so nothing gets lost.

Better Efficiency:

Titan helps your team quickly find and manage their tools, saving time and letting them focus on important tasks.

Stay Organized:

Titan gives you a clear view of your equipment's status and location, reducing mess and improving your workflow

Performance and Maintenance

Reduced Downtime:

With Titan, you can maintain your equipment proactively. Regular maintenance schedules and alerts help prevent unexpected breakdowns, keeping your tools in top condition and minimizing downtime.

Optimal Performance:

By ensuring that your equipment is always well-maintained and ready to use, Titan helps you achieve optimal performance in all your testing activities.

Accountability and Cost Savings

Improved Accountability:

Titan promotes team accountability by clearly assigning responsibility for each piece of equipment. This ensures everyone knows who is using what and when, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing team coordination.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Titan provides valuable insights and data on your equipment usage and maintenance history. Use this information to make informed decisions about upgrades, replacements, and budgeting.

Cost Savings:

Efficient management and maintenance of your equipment can lead to significant cost savings by extending the life of your tools and reducing the need for costly replacements.


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Manage Your Equipment from Anywhere

With Titan, you can easily manage all your lab equipment no matter where you are. The Titan App lets you track and maintain your tools right from your phone. You can even scan barcodes and take images to keep detailed records of your equipment. This means you can stay organized and make sure everything is in top shape, even when you're not in the lab.

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