Chassis Testing

Enhance the Handling of your Tests

We know you have a lot of configurations to manage in your testing, and proper record keeping of your vehicle setup details really matter in the outcome of your test results.

Accurately recording and tracking slight changes to ride height, corner weights, wheel alignment settings, tire pressures & temperatures, can all have an influence in the outcome of your testing. And whether you’re working on your next Tire Submission, managing your multitude of valve changes as part of your Damper Development, Tuning Bushings, or selecting between different spring rates, you have a lot of configurations to manage in your testing workstream. Keeping track of your test driver’s Subjective comments paired to Objective data to tell the full story on how your vehicle is performing is mission critical.

The ability to look back at progress from one tire submission or damper tune to the next to make informed decisions is important. Without proper housekeeping in these areas it’s easy for data and details to get lost along the way.

TITAN keeps track of ALL of your variables, whether setup details, configuration changes, or managing the Objective and Subjective data to ensure your job is done right with confidence.

TITAN’s Test Unit Management feature tool can manage all your various test components and you can enter all the specific details related to your test vehicle’s setup as well as the vehicle build configuration, build level, modification & prior test history, chassis controls calibrations & vehicle firmware versions.

TITAN’s Test Data Management feature tool will keep track of all of your Objective and Subjective data and allow for easy comparison to your competitor vehicle benchmarks performance to ensure your progressing to meet your attribute targets.

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