Homologation Testing

Don’t let your Test Methods Regulate your Success

Testing to ensure compliance to regulatory standards in order to meet homologation requirements means following a succinct process. Often these government agencies will require an audit of your test methods and how your data is collected and retained.

TITAN in its fundamental form is a central repository and governing process control entity by which order, accuracy, and unity are ensured in all your test activities. It clearly demonstrates to government agencies your commitment to following a systematic process, ensuring accuracy of your test results, every time.

TITAN’s Test Catalog Management feature can be used for your homologation testing by listing out every standard and requirement your product is required to meet for each region you plan to market and sell to. And then TITAN can be organized to detail out the test requirements of each standard and the output of tests automated into the specific Test Report format required by the respective governmental agency for your compliance documentation.

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