Battery & HV Testing

Adopt a Better Battery of Tests

Battery testing relies on acute management of both the test articles and the test lab and respective equipment needed to conduct your testing. The components your responsible for testing vary widely from individual Cells to Module level to full-Pack, BMS, DC/DC converter, on-board Chargers, HV Cables, AC power inverters, and often many of these components have cooling loops that must be included as part of the Hardware-in-the-Loop.

And the testing your managing are quite varied, whether your tests are for Vibe, Thermal Shock, Charge/Discharge Cycling, durability Life-cycle Testing, Abuse Testing, and Safety testing for prevention of thermal runaway. You’ve got a lot to keep track of, and often the sample sizes of your testing are multiplied from one test phase to the next. This can result in a swirling array of information to manage effectively.

With TITAN you can manage all your test articles in the Test Unit Management feature tool and enter all the specific details related to its configuration, build level, part numbers & serial numbers, modification & test history, firmware versions. Simultaneously you can look up your test facilities to see where open bandwidth exists that can afford you the ability to schedule in your test at the next opportunity. TITAN’s Test Planning feature tool allows you to easily track and manage all your many tests. And TITAN’s Reports feature tool you can create custom dashboard to display the KPI’s that are important to you for tracking your test progress and tracking the issues discovered on test.

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