Reliability Testing

Get the most Mileage out of your Tests

Tracking your Component Tests, System Tests, and full Vehicle Tests over multiple test phases is critical in assessing confidence in your product’s Reliability targets. This often requires managing thousands of tests and evaluating failure occurrences, countermeasure, and retests.

Your highly accelerated full-life tests have multiple Input Loads, such as Road Inputs, Environmental Effects, Powertrain Loads, Operation Cycles, all of which are important in determining how your product will perform in the marketplace. It’s therefore key to gain insight as quickly as possible into the specific issues and causes for failures and to understand how new countermeasures will ensure for successful retests.

TITAN has all the tools to equip you to execute a successful Reliability Test Program. TITAN’s Test Planning feature tool allows you to easily track and manage all your many Reliability Tests, and the [Incident & Concern Management] feature tool gives you a common platform to exchange your data and information quickly with Design Engineering teams to ensure proper root cause is assessed so that countermeasures corrective actions are taken to effectively resolve issues. With TITAN’s Reports feature tool you can create custom dashboard to display the KPI’s that are important to you for tracking test progress and issues generation and progress trackers as you walk towards your Reliability Targets.

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