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Is Your Lack of Consistent
Process Testing Your

We understand your needs. See how TITAN can transform your industry with our Test Lifecycle Management tool.

Engineered to provide information at fingertips

Here’s how TITAN can help your organization address challenges on an individual, team or department level

What is the status of my test?

You can easily check on the status of any test using the Test Planning feature. There you will find a calendarized view of the various tests and you can view the health of a project in terms of Planned vs. Actual dates and Schedule & Monitor activity in real-time.

What is resource availability?

Using the Resource Management and Scheduling feature you can view the availability of the test units and easily assign them to upcoming tests or make adjustments during test planning. View your resource allocation on a calendar to get an overview of resources usage by Test Facility, Test owner/PIC (Person in Charge), or as allocated to each Test.

Is the test data ready for analysis?

With the TITAN Data agent, automatically get the test data as soon as the data acquisition is done. You can create data analysis templates and view the plots as soon as the test data is available.

What test am I running today?

Each user of TITAN has its own unique homepage. All your pending tests requiring your engagement will be listed on your homepage. Use the Test Planning feature tool to see a calendarized view of all the various tests planned over time so you can manage your bandwidth

Do I have all the resources to execute the test?

Using the Resource Management and Scheduling feature you can view which test units are allocated to each test and which test facility is running the test. Easily view your resource allocation on a calendar to get an overview of usage by Test Facility, Test owner/PIC (Person in Charge), or as allocated to each Test.

Where do I upload test data for analysis?

Use TITAN’s Data Agent to upload the data acquired from your testing. This can be done manually on an individual basis, or you can set up automated data uploads for all your many tests at various labs. After data is uploaded, TITAN automatically informs the Test Engineer the data is ready for analysis.

What tests are running in the lab today?

You can easily check on the lab activities using the Resource Management and Scheduling and also view the test live with Video Management Integration. The dashboard allows you to monitor the health of the lab and the smart notification alerts you when there is a downtime.

How can I keep track of equipment calibration?

TITAN’s Equipment Management helps you maintain healthy equipment with timely reminders of upcoming calibrations. You can maintain the calibration history and upload and access all the calibration reports for equipment. Also, know where the equipment is in real-time with RFID integration.

How do I accommodate last-minute schedule changes?

when you have the need for last-minute changes to your test schedule, it’s no problem, TITAN allows the ability to move tests around in the schedule seamlessly while automatically informing all the stakeholder of these changes and rebalancing the workload on your assets.

Are there tests that need my approval?

Each user of TITAN has its own unique homepage. All your pending approvals will be listed on your homepage and you will get an email notification from TITAN to inform you of anything needing your approval.

What is the facility utilization?

With TITAN’s Reports feature, you can find out the available capacity of each of your test facilities. See which test centers are performing well and where additional resources are needed. Quickly evaluate which facility is meeting their expected start/finish dates and which are exceeding the duration of time expected to complete tasks.

What is the overall project health?

TITAN’s Reports feature enables you to create custom dashboards to display the KPI’s that are important to you as you monitor your test progress and track issues discovered on the test. You can set up templates to view overall progress by the individual or collective tests, issues generated on tests and their open/closed status, Issues assigned to groups or individuals, and quickly find where your attention needs to be focused.

When will I get the test unit?

TITAN’s Test Unit Management feature tracks all the details of when and which test was executed on each test unit. You can define the test unit availability for multiple test departments and view all the tests that were executed by each department.

Who is the PIC (Person in Charge) of the test?

The Person in Charge (PIC) “owns” the test and has the overall responsibility for ensuring everything goes as planned. The PIC can easily be found in multiple ways in TITAN. You can do a global search in TITAN by the test you’re interested in. Or open the Test Planning feature where the tests will be listed in a calendar view by each PIC, or you can use the Resource Management & Scheduling & Test Lab Management feature.

Can I reuse test data?

With TITAN, you have all your data collocated together in one spot to reuse for analysis or to pull into your simulation models. Additionally, all your valuable legacy data can be used to make informed decisions on what worked before or where you need to make improvements next time. Share data instantly with groups in other locations and eliminate the need for redundant testing.

What you can expect from TITAN


TITAN helps to eliminate information silos by organizing your testing activities in one place. Keeping discussions about tests, incidents, and countermeasures in one place helps the entire team stay on the same page. With smart notifications, no change has to catch you by surprise. Stay on top of changes, right as it’s made.


Process Standardization

TITAN helps teams standardize the testing process and eliminate the need for tribal knowledge. The standardized testing process leads to uniformity and cuts cost by eliminating the duplicated effort of tests across multiple product lines and reduce the time for new employees to get productive.

Simplified Data Management

TITAN helps to organize test data and simplifies the process of storing, locating, tracking, and using the data in simulation models. Eliminate the need for redundant testing by sharing data with team members as well as groups in other locations. TITAN enables quick access to test data as soon as the data acquisition is done with TITAN data agent.


Resource Optimization

TITAN provides user-friendly and powerful scheduling features for optimizing resource utilization of test facilities, prototype vehicles, and personnel. TITAN enables resources and staff to be devoted to actual testing activity and reduce the time wasted doing unproductive activities like searching for data, trying to communicate, and waiting for resources.

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