Test Scheduling

Scheduling and Resource Management

Change test lab:

Intuitive UI makes it easy to change a test from one lab to another along with the

Split test between multiple labs:

You can assign multiple labs to the same test.

Downtime notification:

You can stay on top of your test with smart notification and respond quickly to resolve
downtime issue.

Team’s workload:

You can view your resource allocation on a calendar to get an overview of resources

View test unit’s availability:

Timeline view of test unit’s schedule makes it easy to assign them to upcoming tests or
during test planning.

Upcoming maintenance:

Scheduled maintenance on the lab calendar informs every one of the upcoming events

Upcoming calibrations:

imely calibration reminders will help keep your test equipment healthy.

Add and remove days from a test:

You can change to the schedule and resource after the test has started to accommodate
unforeseen hurdles

Drag and drop:

Adjust the schedules with drag and drop with in a lab as well as across labs

Conflict notification:

You can prevent double booking with smart conflict detection for all resources.

Multiple views and filters:

You can customize the calendar view to show events that are of interest to you

Test timer:

You can start and stop a built-in clock to accurately track work time on a test.

Time tracking:

Users are able to track and log time on a given test.

Real-Time test comments:

Start discussions with your test team and comment on tasks about the test execution.